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A Parents Dilemma Virtual School or In-Person during the Pandemic

As summer is rapidly coming to an end, like a good book or movie you just don’t want to stop reading or watching, parents all over the world and in the United States are facing a new dilemma. The dilemma which was never there before COVID-19, is do I send my kids to school, homeschool them or have them take virtual classes through their school district. All these choices equal a new normal and new set of fears and anxieties for parents and kids alike.

Before COVID-19 took hold of the world changing everyone’s normal forever, the decision would have been made easily, little Johnny or Susie would go to school in person. The school supply list would be emailed out, teachers met and the cool new clothes that inevitably get destroyed or outgrown by the end of the school year would be bought. However, now times are tough and no matter what decision parents make for their families, one truth holds true, they will be judged.

If they decide to send little Johnny or Susie to school, are they nut jobs that believe COVID-19 was made up by the government? (I am not saying this is true, just a thought that might be going through Karen's or Kevin’s judgemental mind who does not agree with your families decision.) Do the parents really have to go back to work full time, what about single mothers and fathers who really have no choice because they have to work to support their kiddos? Are these parents not worried about their kids bringing COVID-19 home? I know I am…

Our family's decision is based on the fact that we are transferring to Miami in October, (hooray military) while we are looking forward to moving and starting a new adventure the timing is not ideal. We decided as a family that my youngest who will be entering Kindergarten for the second time because of her age, too young to start officially last year, will be attending in person school if the classes are open. Our oldest will be taking virtual classes through her school district. There are many reasons we decided to go this route, the first reason is my oldest and my youngest have vastly different personalities. My oldest will diligently work on her school from home, the type A personality, always trying to achieve good grades (she takes after me). My youngest on the other hand is the wild child, which is why I had her go to kindergarten last year, to get her accustomed to the classroom and having to listen to an authority figure rather than her mom and dad.

The second reason is because the difficulty of getting the girls in a homeschool program and then having to transfer that homeschool program to different states did not make sense and would be a huge headache on my part. Both my girls are already in their school district, the schools have their records to get them transferred to Florida will be less paperwork for us in the long term.

The third reason is because this would be the best arrangement for our family, and ensure the kids get the best education to suit their individual educational needs. This is the problem with judgement on parents no matter what they decide, the judgey Karen and Kevin’s do not live in your family. They do not know your children’s personalities. They do not know your personal circumstances for making these decisions.

So for all the parents out there facing the school dilemma, you do you boo. Do whatever is best for your family and try not to let the Karen’s and Kevin’s of the world influence your decision.

To all the others that have opinions, there is only one thing to say to a parent if you disagree with their decision, and that is, “I am glad you made the best decision for your family,” and then keep your mouth shut. Parents do not need anymore anxiety, shame or judgement from you. Ask yourself if you do start to judge have you ever had to parent during a pandemic? If the answer is no, keep the negative opinions to yourself.

Every parent right now facing the school dilemma...

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