• LaLacia Kane

Jumping into the Deep End

Most people have heard the old cliche saying "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life." I have always loved writing, I remember when I was little writing poetry, short stories and plays, I cannot help my love for telling a great story and reading a great story.

My love for writing did not fade through my slow snails pace in college, in fact my love only grew. I am that weirdo that would get excited over peer edit time. Over time though being a full time working mom and wife my love dimmed, writing was still a passion, however through important life transitions some hobbies can get put on a back burner.

Now that I am medically retired my passion for writing has been reignited, I even wrote a book while I was going through my medical trauma. Painful Farts A Memoir of a Botched Gallbladder Surgery, is my story of advocating for myself and my health needs. The story of many hospital stays, bile bags and many doctors. Filled with humor and heartbreak writing my story (which I am in the process of editing) was my way to release all the negativity for that six year time frame in my life. There is a good reason why therapist suggest journaling as way to help clients through mental health problems.

My goal is to have my book published by the summer of 2021. I started KaneEdits a week and half ago and I have jumped into the deep end. I recognize a need for others who might have trouble expressing themselves through written communication. I also recognize my love for writing and my desire to help people.

My followers and future clients bear with me as I figure out what works, the technology and innate details of running a home based business. I have jumped into the deep end and I am swimming to my goals.

My goals to reach people and help them with their writing needs. After all I am doing what I love, and doing what you love means you will never work a day in your life.


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